The first of many to come ZCRS Sports Day, or rather, Sports Days were held on the 5th and 6th of September, 2018. While the first day at Sindh Sports Complex comprised of games like Badminton, Table Tennis, Throwball, and Futsal, the entire second day at Nazimabad Gymkhana was dedicated to cricket.

The competition was tough, and the rivalry between North and Clifton grew overwhelmingly at times. Neither of the sides were willing to give up, and strenuously competed in every match like their lives hinged on it. North came out as victorious in badminton, table tennis, and cricket whereas Clifton took the trophies when it came to throwball and futsal.

As admirable as the participants were, the spectators were equally praiseworthy and supportive. The ear-piercing hoots and screams devoted to their fellow classmates filled the space, giving the atmosphere a whole new definition of vivaciousness.

The results are as follows:

Badminton Girls: Kiran (winner), Samea (runner up)

Badminton Boys: Shahzad (winner), Mohsin (runner up)

Table Tennis Girls: Fatima (winner), Saba (runner up)

Table Tennis Boys: Hamza (winner), Noman (runner up)

Throwball: Clifton (winner), North (runner up)

Futsal: Clifton (winner), North (runner up)

Cricket Girls: North (winner), North (runner up)

Cricket Boys: Results are indeterminate due to the fact that the match was postponed.

A healthy competition is exactly what a student needs after vigorously studying day and night. This was perhaps the most prosperous event of the Students’ Week, as many of the students requested the ZCRS Student Council to organize an event such as this annually.

Written by:

Kanza Rizvi

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